Here is a list of the current Genealogy Presentations that I have ready to go (descriptions coming):

  1. Beginning Genealogy
  2. Beginning Genealogy Hands-On
  3. Beginning Genealogy 4-part Series
  4. Newspapers: Above the Fold, Your Ancestors in the News – Newspapers are a fantastic source of research leads, information, and historical context for your family history.  The stories of our ancestor’s lives can be found in the pages of archived newspapers.  This updated presentation, given by Jeanette Sheliga, will help teach you how to better search for your ancestors in the news and how they can help lead you towards answering your genealogy research questions.
  5. Using 21st Century Tools and Media – This is a presentation that is divided into four topics: Education, Research, Collaboration, and Contributing. Each topic includes many different ideas including techniques, apps, websites, and more that can help you with your genealogical research. Speaker, Jeanette Sheliga, will also include a demo showing how you can turn a letter and a few pictures into a video to share with your family.
  6. The D in B-M-D – Death Records are very useful in tracing your family tree. So often, in genealogy, we need to start with a person’s death to move backwards in time to their birth and, hopefully, connect them to their parents. This presentation is packed full of examples of documents concerning records of death, when they began to exist, and where to find them. Some of the topics include: death certificates, death indexes, obituaries, funeral home records, church records, cemetery records, coroner’s reports and more!
  7. Land Records and Sanborn Maps – How many different ways can a surname be spelled?  Join us to learn how our presenter, Jeanette Sheliga, finally broke through a brick wall by using land records.  In this presentation you will learn how to find land records (both online and at County Clerk’s offices), an introduction to Sanborn Maps and how they can help you determine where properties are and the structures located on them, and then putting it all together to help tell the story of your ancestors.  It is a jam packed session full of local examples.

Coming Soon:

  1. Genealogy Lineage Societies – There are many different lineage and hereditary societies available that you can join and use their records to help research your family tree.  This presentation will include an introduction to these types of societies, how to find their records online at the major genealogy websites, tips on how to join, and more!