MyHeritage in Color

Completely Obsessed! So MyHeritage launched a tool today that you can colorize black and white photos. It is so addictive!! While waiting for the 10 seconds it takes to upload a photo, you are already looking for the next one you are going to try. Here are some of my favorites:

Winifred Preston Frank
4 Generation: Margaret Hetzel Parkin holding David Parkin, Barbara Gollwitzer Hetzel, Lester Parkin
Ivo Johnson
The Whittaker Family: Standing in back if aged from eldest to youngest would be: Cassius, George, Frank, Charles and John. Sitting are Juliette, Ellen, Stella (looks youngest), Alice, and Barney.
My grandparent’s wedding: Albert Parkin, Ruth Parkin Sheliga, Margaret Hetzel Parkin, Ed Sheliga

Not all of the pictures come out great, but the majority do and make me feel a deeper connection to the picture and those in it. Details pop out that I hadn’t seen before. The skin tones make the people come to life. Very well done, MyHeritage!!

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