The Library of Congress Newspaper Image Search Tool

I received my January/February 2021 FamilyTree Magazine today. One of the articles about What’s New by my friend Sunny Morton on page 7, talked about a new Newspaper Image Search Tool that can be used for the Library of Congress’ Chronicling America. Sunny said “…users can enter keywords to bring up related photos. The system then runs a visual search for similar images, which may not have been associated with the keywords in question.”

The new tool called Newspaper Navigator is located at:

Newspaper Navigator Search Page and Demo Video

The landing page for the tool has a 15-minute video about how to use the tool that is absolutely wonderful and shows you around how to use the site.

I played around with some searches and tried results for some surnames in my family tree, Niagara Falls, and cemetery. It was really fun and interesting to look through the results. I image that I would use this tool even more if/when Chronicling America adds more newspapers from the areas where my ancestors lived. Regardless, this is a great addition to add to my Newspaper presentation the next time that I am asked to give it.