Whoa! Search by Address in City Directories on Ancestry

I was watching a webinar today from VGA titled I Remember Mama But Not Her Maiden Name by Mary Kircher Roddy and one of the tips that she shared was how to search by address in City Directories on Ancestry.com.

I love searching in City Directories on Ancestry and never thought it was possible to try searching by street address! I often try to find each person that was living in a household in each directory based off of the census – knowing that families living together may not necessarily have the same last name. Using this new technique could open up and inform me of families that were living together in-between censuses that I was unaware of.

She said to put in your location (and be flexible and play with this field) and then put the address in the Keyword field and select Exact.
It worked like a charm! She also said you can narrow down your search by adding a year.

Thank you so much to Mary Kircher Roddy for this awesome search tip! Her website is: https://www.mkrgenealogy.com/ .

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