Irish DNA within my Genes!

I received an e mail from Living DNA saying “Lucky You… You Have Irish DNA!” and that you can share this badge on Facebook.

I thought it was cute and I hadn’t logged into Living DNA in a while, so I wanted to see if they narrowed down where my Irish DNA was from. Currently they have my Ethnicity Estimate as:

Great Britain and Ireland = 73.5% (23.9 Ireland) and Europe (East) = 26.5%

The Living DNA map does not indicate that my DNA is from Northern Ireland. I wonder if that is because I don’t have ancestors from there or that it is not one of the regions that they have delved into.

My current Ancestry DNA Ethnicity Estimate is:

Ireland & Scotland = 37%, England, Wales & Northwestern Europe = 26%, Easter Europe & Russia = 14%, Germanic Europe = 13%, Norway = 4%, Baltics = 3%, France = 2%, European Jewish = 1%

Interesting that Ancestry shows that Northern Ireland (specifically Louth & Monaghan) as a region so maybe my guess that Living DNA hasn’t yet tested in that region is accurate.

It didn’t divide to show how much of the 37% was divided into Ulster, so I clicked on it hoping would show a percentage:

It didn’t give a breakdown of the percentage, but gave a timeline and history of the area.

The last place that I have tested at is MyHeritage. Their Ethnicity Estimate doesn’t really show me any Irish DNA:

Europe = 61.6%, East Europe = 38.4%

It’ll be interesting to watch updates as they improve the technology!

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