1804 Map of Morris's Purchase or West Geneseo by Ellicott for the Holland Land Company

1829 Map of Niagara County by Burr

1852 Map of Niagara County by Gifford, Geil, and Smith

1860 Map of Niagara and Orleans Counties by Gray, Dawson, and Gillette

1895 Map of Niagara and Erie Counties by Bien & Co.

1908 Niagara County Atlas


1845 Enlarged Map of the Village of Lockport by Haines, Hall & Mooney

1851 Map of the Village of Lockport, Niagara County by Callan, Dripps, and Kollner

1947 City of Lockport Business Section by Nirenstein


1854 Map of the Town of Niagara by Witmer and Berggoetz & Co.

1856 Map of the Villages of Niagara Falls & Niagara City by Bufford

1882 Bird's-eye View Map of Niagara Falls, NY by Wellge, Stoner, Beck & Pauli

1927 Map of Niagara Falls and Vicinity made by the Niagara Falls Power Company