My Ancestry Stats

The CoronaVirus has provided me the opportunity to work on my genealogy a lot these past months. I think back in March, my tree had about 2200 people in it, now it is up to almost 2600.

What kills me are all of the hints that I have. I am now up to 11,000+ hints. I work so hard to clear those out by adding/ignoring them but the problem is when you accept a hint, such as a census record, it can add people to your tree and then each of those people generate hints! It’s never ending!

I wish there was an option to turn off hints on a person that is not a line you are interested in researching. I don’t want to ignore the hints on those people as I don’t want the Ancestry’s algorithms to think that they got the hint wrong – I just don’t want to research that particular person and have those notifications of hints sitting there.

I mentioned it to Crista Cowan at the FGS 2019 conference and she said that being able to turn off hints on an ancestor would be nice, but not something that would probably happen. She said to just “love” the number of hints as they are! LOL