RootsTech 2022: Tracing Migrations from New York: 1780 to 1880 by D. Joshua Taylor

Migration research is a topic that I do not have a strong background in so I am grateful to have access to a presentation like this. Plus… it’s Josh, and he’s amazing!

To view the presentation:

Here are some of my notes, thoughts, and takeaways from this session:

  • Migration was often a planned process that included motivation (looking for jobs, religious freedom, etc.).
    • Look for selling land before they moved.
  • Migration often included many different forms of transport as one path usually didn’t take a person straight from point A to point B.
    • Check newspapers for advertisements.
      • It would be interesting to look up Erie Canal advertisements.
    • Erie Canal was pivotal in NYS History.
  • Index of Roads, Trails, Paths and Migration Routes website.
    • You can select different trails and paths on this site.
  • American Migration Facts website.
  • French’s Gazetteer (1860) includes detailed descriptions of towns and counties.
    • I’m not sure if I have come across this resource before. I wonder what information it has on the Western New York Counties. This would be a good resource to add to my WNY Locality Guides!
  • NYG&B Labs – Mapping the Record.
    • I have seen this before. I should check for Niagara County and see what articles come back in the search returns.
  • NY Heritage includes Oral Histories.

I checked French’s Gazetteer (1860) and did find breakdowns of the Counties along with municipalities within them.

  • Allegany – p. 168
  • Cattaraugus – p. 186
  • Chautauqua – p. 208
  • Erie – p. 279
  • Genesee – p. 320
  • Niagara – p. 449
  • Orleans – p. 512
  • Wyoming – p. 710