Becoming a Professional Genealogist in 2033

Earlier last month, I made a decision: When I retire in 2033 from teaching, I would like to work part time as a Professional Genealogist. I have been watching webinars and podcasts like crazy and am excited to learn more and grow as a genealogist.

A few of the webinars that I have watched talk about creating an educational plan for both myself and societies that I help lead. I reread the by-laws for NCGS and as the Program Chairperson, I shall be the Vice-President and provide for programs for the year, with the assistance of a committee.

The NCGS by-laws also state in our societies purpose statement that “More frequent meetings may be held to provide study classes for beginners or the general public.” I’m excited to help shape the education of our members and add in some beginners study classes. I created a poll to hand out to our membership at the next two program meetings and then I would like to get a committee together during the summer to plan for 2020.

For my personal education plan, I created a list of items that I would like to accomplish to become a Professional Genealogist:

  1. Become a Certified Genealogist: The portfolio that you have to turn in remind me of my Master’s thesis. I think I can do it by the time 2033 comes around. I will have plenty of time to educate myself and practice the skills that they require.
  2. Conferences: I would like to attend at least one National, State, or Regional Conference annually. With my teaching schedule, the FGS conference is in August so I booked a hotel room, flight, and registered for the 2019 FGS Conference in Washington, D.C.!
  3. Institutes: I would like to try to attend a Genealogy Institute at least every other year. I am already registered to attend GRIP at the end of June to take Mastering Genealogical Documentation with Dr. Tom Jones!
  4. Society Membership: NCGS, WNYGS, PGSNYS, NGS, NYG&B, and APG. I currently are a member of all of those with the exception of APG.
  5. Lineage Societies: As a Professional Genealogist, I can image that clients might want to hire me to help them prove their lineage to join certain societies. To practice for that, I would like to join some lineage societies: Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania First Families of Pennsylvania, the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), and the General Society of Mayflower Descendants.
  6. Education: I would like to stay informed of genealogy news and various research techniques. To do so, I would like to listen to genealogy podcasts as they are published, read at least one genealogy book each month, watch at least 10 webinars each month, attend at least 5 local presentations a year, and to read peer-reviewed periodicals.
  7. Writing: I would like to contribute at least one newsletter article for NCGS each year.
  8. Speaking: I would like to give genealogical presentations to at least 3 different societies/groups/libraries each year.
  9. Books: Build up a reference library.
  10. Certificates: To receive a certificate for the NGS American Studies course.
  11. Brand Myself: Create a website.
  12. Resume: Create a genealogy resume.
  13. ProBono Genealogy Clients: Ask my friends if I can practice being a profession by researching their trees.