Evidence Explained – QuickLesson 1: Analysis & Citation

In my effort of genealogy education, I would like to read through each of QuickLessons found on the Evidence Explained website.1 Lesson #1 can be found at: https://www.evidenceexplained.com/content/quicklesson-1-analysis-citation.

Now that I know about citations and some understanding of how they are made, I am much better at creating them for whenever I attach document(s) to my online trees, etc. (In just writing that sentence, I realize that I am not creating citations for any family pictures that I upload…*facepalm*.) It was interesting to read about the difference in a published citation and a research phase citation and analysis. This is an area that I need to improve on. Basically, I need to settle on a research log style so that I have a spot to add document analysis.

Concerning the last paragraph of the article, I find that as I have images of almost all of the sources that I come across that I often just do the analysis in my head each time that I look at the document to determine if it is an original or derivative. But when a conflict arises that needs resolving, having all of the pertinent information readily available to be able to weigh sources against each other would be nice to not have to go back to the images and reanalyze – so again, I need to start keeping research logs!


  1. Elizabeth Shown Mills, “QuickLesson 1: Analysis & Citation,” Evidence Explained: Historical Analysis, Citation & Source Usage (https://www.evidenceexplained.com/content/quicklesson-1-analysis-citation : accessed 18 July 2020).