Greenwood Cemetery, Wilson, NY

Greenwood Cemetery is located on Park St. in Wilson, NY. The cemetery does not have a website that I can find however the Wilson Town Clerk/Registrar of Vital Statistics website does state that the cemetery is owned and maintained by the Town and lists the Funeral Home in which you can contact if interested in a plot:

Greenwood Cemetery

The Niagara County Genealogical Society’s (NCGS) Library has two books for Greenwood. The first is a binder that contains burial permits. It appears that the cause of death was cut off of each page to protect the privacy of those buried.

Left Side of Burial Permits
Right Side of Burial Permits

The 2nd is a bound book of a reading of the stones done between 1985-1990.

Reading of Stones in Greenwood Cemetery

One of the tombstone monuments that I came across in Greenwood Cemetery is a very common symbol being a draped urn.

Monument with a Draped Urn

Find A Grave: