GRIP Registration Opened Today for 2021 Virtual Courses

Today genealogists were frantically hitting refresh and trying to register online for courses made available by the Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh (GRIP):

GRIP 2021 Flyer

GRIP is celebrating their 10th year of providing institute courses and their 2nd year of having the content provided virtually.

I was fortunate enough to get a seat in the July session of Master the Art of Genealogical Documentation with Tom Jones. I first took that class two summers ago in 2019. It was my very first institute and the content was overwhelming. I’m choosing to take the course a second time as I have grown so much since then and I believe much more of the content will sink in and be able to be processed by my brain.

I remember back then that I was so intimidated with citations. I just could not wrap my head around them. Since then, I have practiced creating them, discussed them with friends and classmates, and am currently taking the Mastering Genealogical Documentation study group with Cari Taplin. I anticipate this summer’s 2nd-time-around at the course to have a much more meaningful impact on me.