Week 1 of 52: Fresh Start

For week 1 of 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks the theme is “Fresh Start.” In preparing for my upcoming Intro to the Genealogical Proof Standard for NCGS and the Webinar SIG for Preserving your Genealogy, I recognized some bad habits that I have formed: I collect, collect, collect, and rarely upload, organize, analyze, correlate, and write down conclusions. Therefore, my Fresh Start of 2020 is to SLOW DOWN and to do it right.

I picked three webinars for our NCGS SIG all about Preserving your Genealogy. I had watched them all before, but this time they made more of an impact. Maybe it was taking notes in preparation for the SIG or the great discussions we had, but I really need to organize and digitize my collection as I do not know what will happen to it after I’m gone. I figure as much of it that I can get online at both Ancestry and FamilySearch is a very good start.

The webinars were:




Another resolution that I would like to be better at is to actually read the NGSQ articles for the discussion group and perhaps when I feel comfortable, to post to the discussion. Besides all of that, to stay on track with the goals that I had set in place last year and keep this awesome forward motion going.